Finn Bear

I am a software developer who works with everything from video games to business software. I enjoy making interactive and visual demos, many of which can be found on my blog. Below are some of my current and past projects.


Mazean is a free, online, multiplayer game, in which you can create your own scene and explore a virtual world

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Moderation is a free and open source profanity filter I created for Mazean, written in Go

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Fix My Rights

Fix My Rights is a Discord bot that I helped to create, that provids regular updates on Right to Repair legislation

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Signage Squirrel

Signage Squirrel is easy to use digital signage software

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Squirrel Photos

I made a website dedicated to my squirrel photos (because why not)


I'm experimenting with making an IO game

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I am also a 3D artist and content creator. Below are links to where you can find me, methods of contacting me, and some people or services that I recommend.

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Blender (3D Software)
SheepIt (Renderfarm)
Tim Beek (Music)